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A variety of circumstances lead to the need for legal determination of paternity of a child. If parents are not married to each other, or if there is any question as to whether a wife conceived a child through relations with another man or in preparation to give a child over for adoption, it may be necessary to take legal action to learn who is really the biological father of a child. Contact a Hinsdale paternity lawyer to schedule a consultation regarding any question of paternity.

Unmarried mothers may seek child support or other objectives such as confirmed inheritance rights from the father.

Unmarried fathers may seek parental rights, including custody or visitation rights.

A man alleged to be the father of a child might wish to prove or disprove this allegation.

A husband approaching divorce may seek to demonstrate to the courts that his wife had a baby with another party outside the marriage and that he should not have to pay support for the child.

Grandparents (parents of the father or mother) preparing to seek guardianship of a grandchild may need legal proof of the child’s identity and their relationship to the child by way of DNA testing of the father and the child.

Security, stability, and the well-being of children are fundamental concerns of the Law Offices of Laura M. Urbik Kern. Our law firm revolves around the needs of children whose lives are affected by their parents’ actions and decisions. We advise and represent mothers, fathers, and grandparents in a variety of situations where a paternity action is needed. We are prepared to advise family members, including teenage parents, on the most advantageous ways to protect their children’s right to support and parental care.

Do you wonder whether to sign a statement in the hospital at the time of your girlfriend’s baby’s birth asserting that you are the father? Do you, the mother, wish to petition the county to pay for a DNA test to confirm the parentage of your child’s father? Whatever your concerns or circumstances, if you have questions about paternity in Illinois, we are available to answer those questions and let you know how our lawyers can help protect your child by facilitating the paternity action.

Call or email the Law Offices of Laura M. Urbik Kern to schedule a consultation with a Hinsdale paternity lawyer regarding any family law question or other legal issue involving parental responsibilities, parenting time, child supportjuvenile law, guardianships or adoption. Our paternity lawyer represents clients in Will County, DuPage County, and more.